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Sustainable Green Lawn on Your Commercial Property

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Commercial Palm Rows

Regarding lawn care, having a sustainable green lawn on your commercial property is not only a good idea, but it's also good for business. Landscaping companies, particularly those that are not dedicated to sustainability, are negatively impacting the environment. Luckily, there are many ways to become a sustainable landscaping company.

A Sustainable Green Lawn on Your Commercial Property can also have various benefits. It can help reduce your carbon footprint and attract new customers. When choosing plants, make sure they're native to the region. Non-native species may not survive in your climate, making them difficult to care for. Choosing plants that don't require too much maintenance is also a great way to reduce your costs.

Going Green is Good For Business

There are several ways you can improve your business by going green. For example, installing energy-efficient light bulbs can help you save money on utility bills. Investing in EnergyStar appliances will also improve your business's bottom line. Furthermore, you can receive tax benefits for implementing green technology and renewable energy.

Companies that do their bit to protect the environment can attract a niche market, including millennials. This group is poised to represent 30% of retail sales and $1.4 trillion in annual spending power by 2020.

While the benefits of going green can be huge, businesses must understand the costs involved. Not all businesses are cut out for this type of market, so there are various other opportunities for companies to promote sustainability.

Additionally, going green can boost your company's brand image and increase customer loyalty. It can also make employees feel safer working in an environmentally-friendly workplace, resulting in happier and more loyal employees.

Landscapers Negatively Impact the Environment

A growing body of research shows that adding green features to a building's exterior can increase property values. In fact, one study from the Nature Conservancy shows that property owners who include trees in their landscapes will see a 7 percent increase in property value.

Additionally, good landscaping can boost the rental income of apartment and townhome complexes. Natural infrastructure is also more appealing to shoppers, who are more likely to frequent shopping districts with these features.

Sustainable Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue in commercial landscape and lawn care. Consumers are using their purchasing power to drive companies to be more environmentally friendly. In fact, 3 out of 4 consumers say they will direct their purchases to environmentally responsible companies.

Going green will not only reduce your costs and increase your revenue, but it will also give your business a competitive advantage. But how do you prove your commitment to the environment? It helps to obtain third-party verification to prove to your customers that you are an environmentally conscious business.

The Green Business Bureau can help you get started on sustainability. First, consider how your landscape will affect the environment. Green, sustainable landscapes reduce water use and utility bills. They also support native plants and local ecosystems. Lastly, green landscapes also allow you to showcase your commitment to sustainability to your customers.

Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Go For Bio-Nutritional Fertilizers.

While selecting a fertilizer, look for one with a high-quality composition. Although cost is a major consideration, choosing the most affordable fertilizer may not provide the most value for money. Rather, choose the product based on its quality and physical characteristics, such as how easily it can be handled and applied to the turf.

Opt For Smart and Low Maintenance Plantings

Residential buildings and surrounded with green plants

For the best results, opt for low-maintenance plants and landscaping for your commercial property. These plants require little maintenance and don't need a lot of water. Aside from looking attractive, low-maintenance landscaping is also cost-effective.

Aside from being low-maintenance, some plants are also drought resistant. One of them is the Black Mondo Grass. This plant thrives in shady areas and can resist most animals. However, it requires sufficient moisture. Installing an irrigation system on your property will reduce the watering required.

Value the Importance of Recycling and Composting

Recycling and composting are natural processes that transform organic waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Businesses that produce food can benefit from composting their organic waste. Recycling programs are available at many businesses, and major league baseball even gives Green Glove Awards to properties that promote environmental awareness.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting in the Landscape

Outdoor lamp on yard lawn for garden lighting in summer park

Lighting your landscape can help you save money and energy. Choose fixtures that use low-voltage bulbs to conserve energy. Avoid using too much lighting, which can annoy neighbors or cause a safety hazard. You can also install outdoor motion sensors to reduce energy use.

To save energy, use lights that have timers. This way, they only turn on when it's dark outside. Installing timers also gives you better control over the lights. Alternatively, you can use smart hubs that can control the lights in your landscape.

Control the Use of Fertilizers and Pest Control Products

Controlling the use of pesticides and fertilizers on your commercial property can be challenging. Still, there are ways to make your job easier. First, be sure you understand the regulations for pesticides and fertilizers. Pesticides should be applied only when necessary. They should be applied sequentially to ensure optimum control. Also, alternate control methods should be used when possible.

Start Now and Embrace Sustainable Landscape

Making your landscape and lawn care company sustainable is possible and affordable. Going green will help your business grow by reducing expenses and giving you an edge over competing companies.

Green Earth, Inc. is a full-service landscape and snow service company. We have the capabilities and equipment to service large properties that require continuous operating hours during the snow season and well-groomed, highly visible landscape detailing.

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